Brookfield Makeup Services + Pricing

Pricing includes being driven to Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens (so no need to hire a car)

$110.00 per person – 3 or more makeups *minimum numbers for peak months *
Airbrush Application and individual lashes

$120 per person – 1 or 2 makeups
Airbrush Application and individual lashes

$85.00 mothers
Airbrush Application and individual lashes

$70.00 – 10yo and above or junior bridesmaid
includes Airbrush Application

Free flower girl                  

$170 for a one hour and half Makeup Tutorial for one
Spend an hour and half with me and I will show you the tips and tricks the professionals use

About Airbrush application

Your foundation is applied to the skin in a fine mist, airbrush is popular with Bride’s for many reasons including:

  • Long wearing and lasts all day
  • Flawless coverage for that ‘photoshopped’ look
  • Great for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Feels like you’re not wearing makeup
  • Water based product so great for people with allergies
  • No touch-ups required
  • Can hide blemishes & birth marks
  • You cannot get the same coverage using traditional application – there is no comparison..

Hair pricing:

$110.00 per person – 3 or more “up-styling”

$120 per person – 1-2 “up-styling”

$65.00 mothers
Short hair blow-dry

Flower girl styling (under 6yo) from $50.00                  

Clip-in extension application and styling – from $20.00
**Prices may be less for simple / down-styles and more for extra long, thick or curly hair.
***More accurate quotes will be discussed at the trial